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"Hellfire at Barrister's Junction"

2018 SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships

The 2018 SASS MA/CT/RI State Championships "Hellfire at Barrister's Junction" will be conducted by the Harvard Ghost Riders at the Harvard Sportsmen's Club of Harvard, MA on June 1-3, 2018.

  • We enjoy and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) and are pleased to have been sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) to host this prestigious event. You must be a SASS member and SASS Rules apply.
  • Wild Bunch: there will be a mandatory safety meeting for all Wild Bunch participants at 10:15 AM on Friday. All Wild Bunch competitors will shoot on posses together starting immediately following the safety briefing.
  • The number of category awards will be dependent upon entries as of May 12, 2018. No category changes after May 12, 2018.
  • Who's coming? ... so far

Registration Form in .pdf format.

(The following schedule is tentative as of January 20, 2018.  It will be updated as additional information is received.)

Friday, June 1st:
10:00 AM Registration opens in Main Tent (Free coffee behind Registration table.)

10:15 AM - Wild Bunch Posse Mandatory Safety Meeting for 3-stage Wild Bunch Match (Pre-registration required.) Ranges 8, 9 & 10.

10:30 AM to 3:30 PM - Warm-Up Stage 1 and Warm-Up Stage 2

11:30 AM to 3:30 PM - Warm-Up Stage 3 - 'Predict your time stage' - the shooter closest to the time they predict for the stage without going over that time will win.

12:30 PM to 3:30 PM - Side Events

  • Speed Shotgun (Pump, Lever, Double, Hammered Double)
  • Speed Pistol
  • Speed Rifle
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM - Side Events
  • Accuracy Match Pistol (Hole in the Ace)
  • Pocket Pistol (Accuracy & Speed)
  • Derringer (Accuracy & Speed)
  • Long Range Rifle (Events and distances to be determined)
4:00 PM - Range Closes
4:00 PM - Posse Marshal's meeting and 'stage review' with Range Master
5:00 PM - Dinner on the Range (included in entry fee for shooters)
6:00 PM - Territorial Governor's Meeting at the range.

Saturday, June 2nd:
7:30 AM - Registration opens in Main Tent. (Free coffee behind Registration table.)
8:30 AM - Mandatory Shooters Safety Meeting in Main Tent.
9:00 AM - Start of six of ten Ghostly Stages (Please check your shooters program for your posse number, stage and starting time.)
5:00 PM - Range Closes
Please note: Reservations needed to attend Saturday Night Banquet
6:00 PM - Dinner at the range with Costume Contest, Side Match Awards and Announcement of the Top Gun Team Shootout participants for Sunday. No alcohol allowed at any time on club property.

Sunday, June 3rd:
8:00 AM - Cowboy Chapel in Main Tent. Officiant: H.K. Uriah
(Free coffee behind Registration table.)
9:00 AM - Start of the remaining four of ten Ghostly Main Match Stages (Please check your shooters program for your posse number, stage and starting time.)
1:00 PM - Special 'Top Gun Team Shootout' (Top 16 cowboys, the Top 16 cowgirls and the next 16 shooters from Saturday are paired up and will shoot as 3-person teams until one team is left. Design and setup by Appaloosa Amy and Quaker Hill Bill on Stage 2.
(Range closes after Top Gun Shootout.)
3:00 PM - Awards Ceremony and Raffle Drawings.

NOTES: There will be a COWBOY SWAP TABLE set up at the shoot with a volunteer present. Please bring your "old gear" to swap or sell. Please remove unsold items by 4:30 PM on Sunday or consider them as donated.

Food and cowboy vendors will be at the range and open for business.

Massachusetts General Laws chapter 140, 131G.

Carrying of firearms by non-residents; conditions.

Section 131G. Any person who is not a resident of the commonwealth may carry a pistol or revolver in or through the commonwealth for the purpose of taking part in a pistol or revolver competition or attending any meeting or exhibition of any organized group of firearm collectors or for the purpose of hunting; provided, that such person is a resident of the United States and has a permit or license to carry firearms issued under the laws of any state, district or territory thereof which has licensing requirements which prohibit the issuance of permits or licenses to persons who have been convicted of a felony or who have been convicted of the unlawful use, possession or sale of narcotic or harmful drugs; provided, further, that in the case of a person traveling in or through the commonwealth for the purpose of hunting, he has on his person a hunting or sporting license issued by the commonwealth or by the state of his destination. Police officers and other peace officers of any state, territory or jurisdiction within the United States duly authorized to possess firearms by the laws thereof shall, for the purposes of this section, be deemed to have a permit or license to carry firearms as described in this section.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: When firearms (pistol, rifle or shotgun) are in a vehicle or stored, the firearm must be unloaded and contained within the locked trunk of a vehicle or in a locked case or other secure container. It is a good idea to have a trigger lock or approved safety device on any firearm not in a locked container. A firearm is not stored if carried by or under the control of the owner or other lawfully authorized user.

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