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'2017 Hellfire at Barrister's Junction'

Photos by 'Dead Head':

Nantucket Dawn, Hawley McCoy and Boston Lady at registration.

Calico Jan and Knob Creek McGee helping with registration.

Bonnie Dee helping with raffles.

Catching up before the opening ceremony.

Gunpowder Creek.

Cowboy Gunworks

Yankee during the safety briefing.

Hawley McCoy working the raffle table.

Annabelle Bransford - Ladies Modern Wild Bunch Champion

Annabelle while in recoil with Model 1911.

James Samuel Pike - Men's Modern Wild Bunch Champion

James Samuel Pike

Changing magazines

Soft drink can being hit by blackpowder shotgun load.

Another soft drink can after being shot.

Diamond Rustler

Wagon Box Willy

Wagon Box Willy with his 1887 shotgun.

Dakota Joe

Doc McCoy

Driftwood Johnson eyeing Wild Bill sitting at card table.

Driftwood Johnson about to shoot Wild Bill in the back of his head.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Easy Mark

George Silver dusting another one.

Iron Horse Pete at loading table.

Just Plain Larry

Just Plain Larry

Smokin Joe being timed by Windjammer.

Smokin Joe

Match Director 'Yankee' welcomes the crowd.




Ladies Wrangler


Ladies Forty-niner


Ladies Senior

Silver Senior

Ladies Silver Senior

Elder Statesman

Grande Dame

Cattle Baron

Gran Patron & La Patrona



Senior Duelist

Ladies Senior Duelist

Frontier Cartridge

Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter



Senior Gunfighter

Overall Ladies Champion - Appaloosa Amy

2017 SASS MA State Champions:
Hawley McCoy & Grazer

2017 SASS CT State Ladies Champion:
Appaloosa Amy

2017 SASS RI State Men's Champion: Nutmeg Ryder

2017 Top Gun Team Shootout Winners:
Hawkeye Kid, Hey Moe, Yukon Mike.

2017 Spirit of the Game Award - Dead Head

The awards team winding down.

Boston Scarlet, Boston Lady, Yankee.

Grazer and Hawley McCoy.

Eastern Tenderfoot and Nantucket Dawn.

Carrabasset Girl and Beyond Redemption who look beyond surprised.

George Silver and lady.

Splinter Bill, Tulsa Jack, Spirit Warrior, Doc Savage (with Steam Punk glasses).

Shirttail Bess and Kid Rich.

Bonnie Dee, Savvy Cindy and Dealin Justice.

Mad Dog Gomes, Come Back Shane, Yosemite Gene, Sassy Gaye, Rancho Roy.

Diamond Rustler, Doc McCoy, Wagon Box Willy, Dakota Joe

Crackshot Bev and Gun E. Bear.

C. G. Cooke, Nanny Oakley, Yankee, Preacher Ben Pray'n.

Knob Creek McGee, Leadslinger Lesky, Pauley the Kid, Nutmeg Ryder.

One Eyed Black Jack, grandson Pako Kid and granddaughter Penny Candy.

Yukon Deb and D.H. Hauler.

Doc McCoy and Wagon Box Willy.

Dakota Joe, Callous Clyde and Gun E. Bear.

Crackshot Bev, Black Jack Daniels, Crystal Creek Chris.

Dead Head whacking weeds before the shoot.

Grazer doing the heavy lifting.

Quaker Hill Bill adjusting the noose.

Setting up the 10' x 30' loading table shelters.

Salute to Barrister Bill: After the opening ceremony and safety briefing by Yankee, we had a 3-volley salute to Barrister Bill with black-powder shotguns followed by Tom Payne playing taps on his harmonica.

Video - Click on the link, download the file, and then click on it to watch it.

R.I.P. Barrister Bill AKA Bill Batty

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